Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Turkeys and Robins

            There are a few spots I can always count on for some good nature viewing while I am in the car.  Two locations are along stretches of highway here in Indiana.  Highway 24 between Fort Wayne and Toledo and I-69 between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis are always good for some wild turkey spotting.   When we first moved to Fort Wayne from California, I could hardly believe my eyes when we saw wild turkeys grazing in a winter-plowed corn field along I-69.   I had to do a triple take to make sure I wasn't confusing some turkey vultures for the genuine article.   I thought the wow factor would fade, but seven years later, I still get such a kick when I spot some.
            Another spot which has not failed me once this spring is the northeast corner of Auburn and Union Chapel Roads in Fort Wayne.  Every single time I drive by there is ALWAYS a robin in the yard.  Every time! No kidding.   Usually, there are several and one time I counted thirteen.   I learned that I need to stop counting the robins while driving because it is nearly as dangerous as texting.  I keep thinking that this bird phenomena will end now that spring is well underway, but so far I've not seen a decrease in the flocking.  There must be a mighty fine crop of worms living in that soil.  
            Where do you consistently see wildlife as you travel your daily routes?   If you don't see any, make it a point to look for something and you'll find that wildlife suddenly appears everywhere you travel.  However, like texting, I recommend that you don't count and drive.

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