Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fox and Geese

My dad always used to get us excited to go outside in the winter by stamping a giant spoked wheel into the snow.  We would then choose one person to be the 'fox' and the rest of us were 'geese'.  The fox chased the geese until one was caught and it became the fox.  The rules dictated that you had to stay on the rim or the spokes while running, with the hub of the wheel being 'safe'---for one goose at a time!  It was a lot of fun and dad always played the first few rounds with us. He called the game fox and geese and I've discovered that this game is little known nowadays.   Looking back on it, we didn't play the game for hours on end, but we did end up staying outside for quite awhile after we played a few rounds.   I think the exciting part of the game was that dad was playing with us.  By the time he headed back indoors, we were engaged in other snow play activities, which is probably what dad had in mind all along.   So, be a catalyst for your family, take advantage of all the snow that is on the ground and go start a round of Fox and Geese!

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