Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Day!

A possible winter storm is forecast for this week.  The prospect of a snow day thrills me now as much as it did when I was a child.  There is something magical surrounding the anticipation and the moment the news is heard.  A world transformed by ice and snow just begs to be explored.  At this point in the winter, the charm of a snowfall may have worn off, but there are still ways that snow play can be re-invented.   Aside from the usual snowman or snowball fight, try some of these ideas:
  • Let the kids use some of your larger Tupperware® containers for making snow blocks to build a fort.  My kids can really crank out a lot of these blocks in a short time. Use containers that are the size of a brick or larger and pack the snow tightly.  Forts made with this type of block seem to be a bit sturdier than the usual pile-up-and-pack method.
  • Make snow furniture instead of a snow man.   We forgot our chairs at the beach one day, so we formed some out of sand.  We did the same thing by making a snow bench next to our ice skating pond this winter.  I think a snow couch is the next thing on the list.
  • Once the snow finally lets up, go outside and listen.  Sit perfectly still for at least 3 minutes.  All the birds and critters that holed-up during the storm will come out to feed.   The snow and cold causes sound to travel differently, so even the everyday sounds of your neighborhood will seem interesting. 
  • Make a deal with your kids.  Promise them that if they complete one unloved chore before they go outside to play, you’ll do a snowball fight WITH them for five minutes.  What child wouldn’t love a snowball fight with a grownup that is their mom or dad?
Even if there isn’t any new snow this week, there is no reason you shouldn’t get out there and play in the snow that is already on the ground.  Happy January!

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